Area Information

  • Mesa Verde National Park – This is one of the largest attractions in the area. You can visit ancient dwellings that are 1,000 years old and a marvel to behold.  A whole village built under a rock ledge.  When you take a tour you will be amazed to learn how they built, lived, and survived in this unique place.  The entrance museum is only 20 minutes from MVL, but the cliff dwellings are another 60 minutes from the entrance museum.


  • Canyon of the Ancients – This is a large area of public land that has pueblo and cliff dwelling ruins scattered throughout. There has not been as much excavation of these sites as at Mesa Verde.  It is canyon country that is hot and dry.  Some of the best sites here are Lowry Pueblo, Hovenweep, and Sand Canyon.  Before going exploring check out the museum which helps you make your time there profitable.  The museum is 15 minutes from MVL, the canyons are 30 to 60 minutes away.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Four Corners State Line – This is a marker that designates where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet. You can stand in 4 states at one time.  This is the only spot in the U.S where you can do this.  It is located on the Navajo Reservation and includes many craft shops that sell things made by hand by Native Americans.  There is a per person charge to get in.  It is located in a desert location with very few services.  45 minutes from MVL.


  • Durango-Silverton Railway – This is a historic still functioning railroad that travels from Durango to Silverton through a beautiful mountain valley along the Animas River. It takes you back to the gold and silver rush days of early Colorado.  It is an all day excursion.  Be prepared for any kind of weather.  About 45 minutes from MVL.


  • Telluride – Is known for its skiing and mountain beauty. There are a few magnificent waterfalls in this valley.  There is also a free gondola that takes you part way up the mountain, and makes hiking and biking the mountain in the summer very easy.  There are many shops to explore downtown and it is common to see elk right outside of town.  A trip to Telluride has something for everyone.  About 1 hour and 20 minutes from MVL.


  • Hiking – There are numerous opportunities for easy to difficult hiking in this area. You may enjoy some of the national park trails.  San Juan National Forest has trails to places like Lizard Head Peak or Sharkstooth mountain.  You can find waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, rivers, 14’er mountains, beautiful vistas, and ancient dwellings on these trails.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  Trails are as close as 15 minutes to deep in the forest 60+ minutes away.


  • Biking – Mountain biking is a common pastime here. Phil’s World is one of the most popular places to ride.  I hear that it has some unique world renown terrain.  It is only 15 minutes from MVL.


  • McPhee Reservoir – Is the 2nd largest lake in Colorado. It is a popular boating and fishing location.  15 minutes from MVL.


  • Tubing – One of our favorite family water activities is tubing the Dolores River. It can only be done at certain times of the year, but it is very relaxing and enjoyable.  Only 10 minutes from MVL and we have tubes as well as kayaks and a canoe.


  • Fishing – I have heard that the Dolores River is a sleeper when it comes to trout. McPhee and Narraguinnep Reservoirs draw fisherman from the area.  There are other smaller lakes and State Parks around that are popular too.  15+ minutes from MVL.


  • Hunting – There is a lot of public hunting land near MVL. Elk, deer, bear, mountain lions, and turkeys are popular big game animals to pursue.  There is small game as well.  I can give you recommendations if you want.  Units 71, 72, 73, 74 and 711 are close by and have over the counter elk tags available.  We have deer on the property and occasionally elk pass through.  20-60+ minutes away.


  • Rodeo – You may enjoy a taste of western life at the Ute Mountain Rodeo which is held each summer at the county fairgrounds. Come and watch those cowboys do their thing.  15 minutes from MVL.


  • There is much, much more to do in this area. You could spend a month exploring the 4 corners area from your base at Mountain View Lodge.  We are at the crossroad between the desert and the mountains and are centrally located between many national parks like Grand Canyon (4 hrs), Arches (2 hrs), Canyonlands (2 hrs), Black Canyon of the Gunnison (3 hrs), Rocky Mountain (7.5 hrs), Sand Dunes (4 hrs), Petrified Forest (3.5 hrs) and many other National Monuments.  So include us on your next visit to Southwest Colorado.